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Ask yourself what you love, care about or wish to share with others. If you’re going to write about something regularly and keep your blog fresh with new information, then you need to write about something that stokes your passion or that reflects your daily experience. Try some of these ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Gaming. Nowadays, many people play games. You can write about games you play and post updates and/or cheats/hints.
  • Politics. Sure, everyone has an opinion about politics, but you may have a unique point of view that needs to be heard.
  • ‘”Fashion/Style/Beauty.”‘ Blog about fashion and what new trends are in for fashion. For style, blog about different ways you can wear that new scarf you just bought. For the topic on makeup, talk about what new trends are in, and/or different ways to style your eyeliner.
  • Food. Who doesn’t love good food? Share your recipes, start writing reviews of the local cuisine scene or write about how the food that you ate in China was nothing like the food that Chinese restaurants serve in the United States of America.
  • Reviews. Reviews of movies, games, products, and anything! It doesn’t matter how old it is or what it is, just give your general opinion on whatever your reviewing, and at the end, give it a rating. If you keep it fresh by adding clips or photos and pulling from sources that nobody else is using, you could have a hit blog on your hands.
  • Cars. Are you a car enthusiast? Post pictures of your favorite new models or reports from car shows.
  • Love. Everybody needs some love! Maybe you can give advice about how to get a date! If you’re a little more inappropriate maybe be a little sexual to get more men or women followers.
  • Your business. Your blog doesn’t have to be a hobby. A blog can be a fantastic tool for connecting with your customers and for providing them with helpful information.


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